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Sunday, October 07, 2018

Let's Talk: Which Was Your Best And Worst Subject In Secondary School

Let's Talk: Which was your  best and worst subject in Secondary School?

Hello everyone, how's your weekend going? Hope you've had more fun and rested?

I would like to take us back to our secondary school days. Like I tell my friends, for me I had more fun in Secondary School than I am having in higher institution.

 Let me take you back to the Memory Lane in Secondary School, we all had our best subject in secondary and this might be because of the Teacher teaching the subject or the relevance of the subject to your desired course of study or because of your friends or any other reason.
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My best subject in secondary was Geography because I loved 😍  any discussion about the earth and because of the Teacher teaching the subject, maybe that's why I find myself in  Geosciences.
 I hated 😡 Biology because the teacher was just too lazy and was leaving us the form our notes but I loved the aspect of reproduction in Biology 😂 😂.

So it's your turn, what was your best and worst subjects in secondary school? Join the discussion leave a comment.

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  1. My best subject was definitely Mathematics and my worst was Agric.
    Mathematics was just my life

  2. All my subjects were my best except Biology

  3. Lol....this post made me remember lot of things.
    My best subject was and is still English language and that's why I am studying English.
    My worst was mathematics

  4. physics was, is and will always be my best subject
    I loved the way physics explain natural phenomenons

    maths was toughest for me may be because I did not av a good foundation but though I love solving maths (maybe dats y I endup studying computer)

    for me there is no worst subject even literature DAT u want to pass, u can still make it, it just need time and dedication


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