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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Interview: 'You can be a devoted Christan on campus and still succed academically'- Okeowo Paul, FUOYE Best Graduating Student

It has been a topic of debate whether or not a devoted Christan can serve God on Campus and yet have Good grades.

In this interview with ADELUSOLA EMMANUEL OMOBOLAJI the best graduating student of the 2015 set of Federal University Oye-Ekiti, Okeowo Oluwaloseyi Paul talks about his life on campus.

Okeowo Paul Oluwaseyi of the department of Electrical Electronics Engineering was the President of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, Ikole Chapter he graduated with a First Class CGPA of 4.73.

How can you describe your Christian life on campus?
My Christian life on campus was characterised with Service unto God, fellowship with brethren, praying and studying the scripture and raising disciples for Christ.

During your time as a worker of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, was there ever a time you had problems with your grades?

Yes. It wasn't a smooth journey all through. I did had set backs in my grades. Notably 400 level first semester, the SIWES semester, when I had an undesirable grade, which caused a big blow on my CGPA. It shook me but the Holy Spirit comforted me and His help saw me through.

Did it ever come to your mind to quit the Fellowship?
Quit fellowship ? No. His Grace was sufficient for me.

What kept you going?
I know God loves me. He knows my need, He cares for me and has his master plan for me. He is Love. He will do everything possible to shape me into His will. He may even stir up many waters around me to cut off my excesses so that I can come into alignment with Him. For me, such a move of God to use chastisement to shape me into His agenda, is the height of His love.  
During the times, I began to have challenges in my studies, finances, and even storms at home. Insomuch, that it almost sniff faith out of me. I thought it was from the enemy,  so I began to raise prayer against the unseen forces. Until, the Holy Spirit opened my eyes, that these buffettings is to bring me into LOVE. A higher allocation of God's love. I stopped those prayers and I began to align with God in faith and love. My prayer was 'Lord, let your will be done'. I know the faster I align with God, the better for me, I know he won't stop the buffettings until I look like Yahweh. 
 This is how God kept me through the storms.

Were you involved in other activities except Church and Academics on Campus?
Yes. I was into voluntary activities such as Tutorials for students across all levels and compiling 'likely questions' for certain courses especially GSTs 
Also, the 'Straight A's Past Questions ', was the initiative of my team, with the likes of, Ojo Damilare Samuel(popularly known as VC), Awelewa Sunday (a Scholar & DLCF Papa), Nalla Deborah(a Scholar and now a Mrs) and Damisa Rasaq (Mechanical Guru).

Did you regret not being involved in other activities?
I have no regrets. Whenever I reminiscence my university days, before, I remember that I was the Overall best graduating Student, I remember the lives I impacted by the Grace of God through the few but life changing activities I was involved into.
You weren't only a worker, you were the President, how did you manage your time?
Yes. I was the pioneering president of RCF Fuoye Ikole Chapter. I was in office for three years(200l - 500l). How I was able to manage my time to achieve success in my endeavours in the University was by Grace. 
First, there was never a need for me to strike a balance, as I did not separate my studies from my spiritual life. To me, Christianity is not a religion but a lifestyle. It is not something we do, but who we are. I engage God in all I do. My study is not an exception. I engage Him and subject the things I read in prayer and fellowship with God asking him for wisdom and understanding in what  I am reading. Most times, I pray-read, as I study I am praying. 
I believe God is interested in all I do. Why should I balance him or separate him from my extracurricular activities. God is the course, my study is the extracurricular activity. I allow God to be fully involved in every aspect of my life, he knows everything about me.

What do you think about the fact that most students believe that one can't be a devoted Christan on campus and yet have good grades?

It is disheartening to see students who are devoted in the things of God performing poorly in their academics. They do exploits in ministry but fail to replicate such feat in their studies. They preach and teach others the secrets of excellence but they are not excelling themselves. This is sad and demands urgent attention as it has given many Christians a false notion about the Christian life and Academics. 

Being a devoted Christian on campus is not an excuse to failure. Spiritual fervency is no excuse for mediocrity. Being committed and passionate to God's things does not birth failure, it rather promotes academic excellence. God desires that you affect lives positively on campus to His glory and at the same time excelling in your studies. 

Hardwork is not a sin. The scripture encourages us to be diligent. Anyone that must stand before kings must be diligent. If you desire a First Class, you must be studious. It is unbiblical to expect 'A' in a course when you have not studied to show yourself approved. 

Create out time to sit and study. Don't be too overwhelm with ministry and forget your studies. I was always engaged in one activity or the other, in the fellowship, Yet, I still create time to study my books. I've gone to vigils a day to some assessments, and It wasn't an excuse for me to fail. Moreso, I couldn't read in the day, I tried to but it wasn't possible, as I have one or two meetings to attend. As a result, I became nocturnal. I read more in the night. There are several times I read till dawn. 

I enjoyed Grace to study. God gave me strength to sit and read irrespective of how stressful my day went. He gave me precision to read the lecturers heart. I belief this Grace is available to all Christians who will ask for it. I believe this Grace 

What do you have to say to all Christians on Campus?

My dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.

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Know that God has your interest at heart. He loves you and will bring all His promises to pass in your life. Don't quit fellowship because of your studies, Instead talk to Him about it. Coming into God is your ultimate Devotion. 

Don't give up on God. Don't listen to the subtle voice painting God a liar or a wicked master in your soul. God will not use you and dump you. He has good intentions for you. 

Be studious and never separate God from your studies. God helped me all through my undergraduate education, He will help you too in Jesus name. Thank you and God bless You.

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