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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Nigeria Education System is Almost In Coma

Nigeria is almost 58 years, it is expected of a 25 years old person to have his/her life on track, fine Nigeria is not a person but a group of persons led by what I would call rather term as 'The Ones That Don't Care'. 

Education in Nigeria has reached a state that I try so hard to see better days ahead but I don't see the path to get to those better days, as corruption and neglection is growing daily in the Education system of the country.

Why can't I go to a University in Nigeria and be free from strikes, inexperienced lecturers, unconducive learning environment, insecurity and lots more?
Why can't I get a degree in Nigeria that can be duly recognised in World?

Millions of students are leaving the country annually to study abroad, fine they claim we can't compete with most countries Education system like US, Canada, France, UK, China but what of countries like Benin Republic, Ghana, Port Novo, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa.

We beat our chests when we are called the Giants of Africa, what kind of giant are we if we can't build our future by ourselves.

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The Ladoke Akintola University had been closed for more than 80 weeks in the last 104 weeks that's equivalent to more than 1 and half year out of two, yet our government acts like it's nothing, it's more absurd when I realise that Ladoke Akintola University is owned by two States (Oyo and Osun), if two states can't take care of just one institution, then where is future for the average Nigerians that can't afford a private tertiary education.

In Nigeria Best Graduating Students are given cash prizes of 7,500 Naira,  that's Seven Thousands, Five hundreds Naira to honour them for their sleepless nights, intelligence, brilliance, et cetera, I don't blame youths who out of knowing that the government can't help them build a better future tend to seek ways to help themselves. 

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Nigeria doesn't have any major research achievement as getting a Post Graduate Degree in my country is only for those who wants to lecture or get better job, most of which are gotten outside the country.
For how long would 'The Ones That Don't Care' watch as our elite minds build other countries?
Our Education System Is Almost In Coma .

I rest my pen here and request that you help young Nigerians create an awareness by joining the movement for better education, reformation of the Education sector, better jobs for graduates by sharing this post.

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