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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

6 Steps To Getting A Good Job As A Graduate With Second Class Lower or 3rd Class Or Pass Grade

The current economic condition in Nigeria has made the competition for job  crazily  high. There are not enough job for graduates in the country. 

Even with good grades like Second Class Upper Division and First Class many graduates don't have good jobs. Due to the high competitiveness tons of recruiting organisations have made their requirements for even an interview very stiff, leaving little room for graduates with lower degrees

Well they can't be blamed for their stiffness as everyone would like to hire the right person.
All this  leaves a  question in the mind of people like,  Can I get a good Job with Second Class lower or Third Class or Pass Grade? If you have the same question on your mind, I am delighted to tell you that it's possible. Yes,  you can.

 Below  are steps such graduates can follow to get a good  job:
1. Consider Your Options.
The first thing I would love you to do is gather a list of possibilities i.e a list of organization that you want to be hired by. 

2. Know Yourself.
You might not get much chance to tell people what you can do, but you would definitely get chances even if they are limited and before you get your chance you have to know yourself deeply.
You've to know your strength, weakness, hobbies, passion, et cetera. Be always prepared to talk to people on this.
3. Be Insanely Updated.
I used the word 'insanely' not just because I want to just use but because you need to be just it. 
Search for jobs that place less emphasis on qualification, there  are amazing jobs that need your skills and not your qualifications. Jobs like this aren't always on the first page of Google or Bing or another search engine, you need to dig deep.

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4.Get the necessary skills
Having known what they require, do not waste your time, get the needed skills. Attend seminars and workshops that are related to your field. 

5. Connect with the right people.
When you are in such a stage like this, the last  people you should be connected with for job are those that can't help you get one,  so meet up with people that can help but don't force things from happening.

6. Humble yourself
I’m not your religious leader and I’m definitely not preaching to you.
This is however, a very great step you must take to start – you must be humble enough to forgive your past, forget your failures, stop blaming your lecturers, accept reality, willing to learn new things from anyone regardless of their age, class or qualification.

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